Yoga’s Influence on Metabolism

Yoga’s Influence on Metabolism

Yoga’s Influence on Metabolism

Despite common misconceptions, yoga can be great way to improve metabolism. No matter what the activity, increasing movement can increase the metabolic rate. By improving digestion and circulation, and creating lean muscle mass, yoga is an all-encompassing way to help increase your metabolic rate.


Because the majority of the digestive tract is located in the abdomen, yoga exercises that focus on the core help the organs function properly. Think planks, boat position, or bringing knee into chest. Twisting poses help wring out the digestive track and detoxify the organs. Try twisted chairor revolved triangle.


When the body has poor circulation and is not receiving clean blood at a healthy rate, all of the organs are affected because they aren’t provided with enough oxygen and nutrients. When the circulatory system isn’t functioning properly, metabolism slows down. Deep and slow breathing during yoga can improve circulation by allowing arteries to open up and release pressure, increasing the blood flow and helping white blood cells circulate to the organs more quickly. Try inhaling and exhaling once per movement to increase heat in the body, and then slow it down by holding certain positions for five to ten breaths. At the end of your practice during meditation, try to breathe in for five counts, exhale for five counts, and pause with no air in your lungs for five counts. Repeat five times.


When practicing yoga, the body automatically targets large muscle groups and recruits smaller muscles to help achieve each position. Yoga tests strength, balance, and flexibility, challenging the body in a multitude of ways so it’s working as one unit. When multiple muscle groups work in conjunction, muscle starts to increase in size and density. The more muscle we build, the more calories we burn. The more calories burned, the more the metabolic rate increases to burn those calories.

So, there were a few ways how yoga helps improve the metabolism of the human body, and this gives you yet another reason to start your yoga training today. I would suggest you to start your 200 hour yoga teacher training from Rishikul Yogshala, which is one of the biggest yoga teacher training schools, and has the who’s who of yoga trainers to give you the best possible guidance as to how to go about your yoga training.